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New server «S75: Tidal Japalura» is already open!

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New server «S75: Tidal Japalura» is already open!

Good news, everyone!

New server «S75: Tidal Japalura» is already open!

Start your journey on a new server right now! There you could use all your game experience and will be able to participate in opening events, compete for a place in the rankings and get excellent rewards!

Taking part in Carnaval to get valuable prizes.

Click here to start playing:

A new server «S75: Tidal Japalura» is waiting for you!

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    Update March 26, 2020

    Hello shining Lords! We have prepared some new features which will be available after the scheduled maintenance on March 26 from 6:00 am. New featuress An event for new players. You can buy a temporary title from 22 lvl. It...
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    Server merge

    💫 Servers merged, worlds merged 💫 Hello friends! 30 March, Dragon Lord will perform the server merge. ⏰ Merge maintenance starts at 6:00 a.m. (GMT) Completion is estimated to be around 11:00 noon (GMT), but we will try to finish earlier....