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“The Season for Heroes” Hot Update at 30.12.2021

“The Season for Heroes” Hot Update at 30.12.2021

Tomorrow, December 30th, Dark Genesis servers will be unavailable since 09:00 (GMT+2) within 2 hours for “The Season for Heroes” hot update installing. Please logout game in advance and don’t login during maintenance to avoid any problems.

[Game Adjustment]
1. Adjusted the ability mechanism and the strength of ability values of certain heroes. Compensation will be distributed after the update (Contact customer service for details)
2. Completely cancelled the “Damage Reduction” stat in the game and converted it to the percentage of Maximum HP at a certain ratio to implement the compensation of power.
3. Cancelled the round-fighting mechanism in the Heroes Peak Season and changed it to a 3 rounds – 2 wins mechanism.
4. Adjusted and strengthened the Elemental Aura bonus
5. Adjusted the ranking rewards of the Heroes Peak Season
6. Adjusted the Colorful Fashion Ability of the Hero Helen
7. Added Unequip All feature to Gear
8. Restored the Choose 1 out of 3 Mode in Guild Tribute
9. Added Real-Time Damage Ranking feature to the Guild Boss challenges
10. Increased Reset Hero daily use limit to 99 times
11. Simplified the Guild Boss gameplay and cancelled the Cheer feature
12. Simplified the Hero Feature menu, and the entry of Talents feature has been changed to the right side of the Hero Avatar
13. The Quest Condition of Play Level in Daily Quests has been changed to Logging in the Game
14. Cancelled the quest to challenge the Main Story stages in Main Quests
15. Added a VIP level restriction to Bulk Buying in Daily Special
16. Optimized the Direct Level-up Function of Heroes. You can only increase levels by a maximum of 5 levels at a time

[Bug fixes]
1. Fixed some bugs with the 3 Talent Abilities: Spirit, Holy Sword, and Wind Surge
2. Fixed the abnormal display caused by the length of the Guild Announcement being too long
3. Fixed the situation where the info of the two parties may not match the actual situation during the Heroes Peak Season Bets
4. Fixed the 600s CD problem when using quick reply in the chat channels
5. Optimized the problem of ambiguous countdown display in the Daily Cumulative Recharge
6. Optimized the request logic of the Guild shards
7. Optimized the problem where the screen may be blurred when switching interface in the game
8. Optimized the sort order of Hero Tome and Skin Codex
9. Optimized the explanation at the bottom of Ascend Heroes interface
10. Optimized the beginner instruction when Arena is unlocked
11. Optimized Heart of Hero event’s entrance position and interface
12. Optimized Fairy function interface and removed the button to go to Talents

Compensation: our team will issue a special compensation that will cover all possible inconveniences, so we think everyone will be feeling happy 🙂

See you in game!

Best wishes,
Dark Genesis Team

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