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“The Lotus Prince” Hot Update at 22.11.2021

“The Lotus Prince” Hot Update at 22.11.2021

Tomorrow, November 22nd, Dark Genesis servers will be unavailable since 09:00 (GMT+2) within 2 hours for “The Lotus Prince” hot update installing. Please logout game in advance and don’t login during maintenance to avoid any problems.

[New Content]
1. Added Light Hero [Nezha] and its Portrait Frame
2. Added the display of the opponent’s points info during Troy challenge target selection
3. Added a hint and abortion process when the ranking of the challenge target temporarily changes in Cross-server Ladder
4. Added age-related hints

[New Gameplay]
1. New version of Guild Boss
Gameplay Mechanics:
① The new version of Guild Boss is a periodic gameplay. The season lasts for 7 days. Common Guild Boss now includes 5 bosses. After all of them have been eliminated, the Guild Boss will be upgraded, and the bosses’ stats will be increased accordingly. Guild Boss level will reset every season.
② The number of Guild Boss challenge attempts has been adjusted to 3 attempts per player per day and resets at 5 a.m. every day. The damage dealt will lead to the deduction of the corresponding HP from the Boss, and HP will be shared by all Guild members.
③ Players who newly join the Guild need to wait 24 hours to participate in the challenge. You can still participate in the challenge during the off-season, but the damage contribution after the challenge will not be counted in the ranking.
④ When the Boss is alive, you can view the challenge records of other players. After the Boss is reborn, the battle records will be cleared.
⑤ Added a Cross-server Guild Boss Leaderboard
⑥ Added the Cheer feature in Guild Boss

2. Added Guild Assistance Gameplay
Gameplay Access: Guild Lobby→Assistance
Gameplay Mechanics:
① When the Guild reaches a certain level, you can request Hero Shards from other Guild members. If no player offers assistance within the period, the request will fail, and a request attempt will be consumed.

[Important Adjustment]
1. Adjusted the reset time of the free attempts and purchase attempts for all gameplay and the reset time of quests’ progress from 5 a.m. to 0 a.m.

[Game Adjustment]
1. Adjusted the Guild Lobby interface optimization
2. Adjusted and enhanced the overall strength of abilities of Van Helsing, Ashura, and Anubis
3. Adjusted the refresh period of the Ladder Store and Extraordinary Store to one month
4. Turned off the automatic Next Level feature of the Main Story, and it will be reworked to optimize it
5. Added Empress Ki and Garuda for exchange in the Element Point Store
6. Adjusted the layout of some features access in the Capital and Idle interfaces
7. Canceled the recommended quest pinning in the Main Story quests
8. The Hero Expedition feature access was removed from Training and placed on the upper right of the Battle Idle interface
9. Added the explanation that the VIP Level can increase the purchase limit of Constellation Maze challenge attempts
10. Added the gender info of most heroes in their details
11. Added shard request feature to the Guild
12. Optimized Talent Charge so that the excess value of the last charge before reaching the limit won’t be lost
13. Adjusted the skill values and mechanisms of Roland, Hermes, and Iset
14. Adjusted and enhanced the overall strength of Hua Mulan
15. Adjusted the ways to claim free chips every day during the Peak Season
16. Adjusted the appearance of the Capital Event Ambassador
17. Adjusted the Starter Bonus for the first 10 consecutive draws in new servers; Sunna has been changed to Fuma Kotaro
18. Adjusted and enhanced the overall strength of Hero Fuma Kotaro
19. Adjusted and enhanced Master Panda’s Nether Phantom Blade ability. Its heal reduction effect has been changed to prohibit all forms of HP recovery, and its duration has been extended
20. Adjusted and enhanced Master Panda’s Flame Kingdom · Colorful Fashion, and its heal reduction effect has been changed to prohibit all forms of HP recovery effects
21. Enhanced Achilles’ abilities performance
22. Optimized the hierarchical relationship of the Gear Slot Strengthen feature
23. Optimized the use method of optional pack items, which you can now use several at a time
24. Lowered the requirements for creating a Guild
25. Optimized the opening of the Equip or Change lists when there are too many artifacts
26. Optimized the opening and closing speed of the list of divisions in Peak Season
27. Optimized the display of the damage percentage value of the Lamp Boss during the battle settlement, which is now more detailed
28. Optimized the Cross-server War interface
29. Modification of the effects of the 4 attributes, Heal/Heal Received/Heal Prohibition/Heal Reduction; under normal circumstances, it will only affect the heal given to or received by others or the whole team and will not affect self-recovery

[Bug fixes]
1. Optimized and reworked the performance and interactions of the Guild Lobby interface
2. Optimized the description of some of the Sunna and Hua Mulan’s passive abilities
3. Optimized the trigger mechanism of Fuma Kotaro’s passive ability Utsusemi
4. Optimized the icons of the Starcore items and related packs
5. Optimized the situation where the Extraordinary Ranks are empty when players match for the first time

Note: this update will be installed with already announced servers merge synchronically, and this will not affect maintenance duration on the servers being merged, so please don’t worry.

Compensation: 500 diamonds & 10 Hi-Summon Scrolls

See you in game!

Best wishes,
Dark Genesis Team

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