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“Fancy of the Empress” Hot Update on 24.02.2022

“Fancy of the Empress” Hot Update on 24.02.2022

Tomorrow, February 24th, Dark Genesis servers will be unavailable since 03:30 (GMT+2) within 2 hours for “Fancy of the Empress” hot update installing. Please logout game in advance and don’t login during maintenance to avoid any problems.

[Update Content]
1. Increase Elemental Abyss by 100 stages. New stages request the deployment of designated Elements.
2. Increase Eternal Abyss by 200 stages. Added abyssal effect that only affects Agni’s Heroes
3. Improved the help section of Realm Ladder
4. The number of challenges of the Extraordinary Ranking is changed to be cleared every season
5. Newly added Agni’s Mode, in which the Alpha 5-Star Hero can be converted to Agni’s Quality
6. Main story instance “Agni’s Continent” has been updated, which requires clearing Conquest Instance and owning 1 Agni’s Hero to enter.
7. Newly added Glory Monthly Card Event
8. Added “Gold 1 Star” Class Gear, Gold 1 Star Gear can only be equipped by Agni’s Heroes.
9. Added “Level 7 Emblem”, Level 7 Emblem can only be equipped by Agni’s Heroes.
10. First Top-up Reward has been adjusted to “Choose 1 out of 3 Ultimate Heroes” Optional Pack (Zhao Yun, Divine Lu Bu, Nezha)
11. Optimized the new player guide, removing the tedious operations
12. Added Genesis 1 Star Class Gear and a Merge function that supports Class Gear
13. Added new Hero Wu Zetian
14. Valorheim now supports Agni’s Heroes
15. Added Manzanita – Colorful and Manzanita Hero skin for Wu Zetian
16. Added Magic Diva – Colorful and Magic Diva Hero skin for Frigg

[Event Adjustment]
1. [Material Pack] and [Growth Plan] events in [Event Ambassador] – [Growth Special] will be cancelled
2. All events in and in [Event Ambassador] will be cancelled

[Warm Tips]
1. Please exchange your Epic Points and Element Points ASAP as the exchange event will be closed soon

[Event Adjustment Compensation]
1. Event that has already been recharged but collected no progress, after the update, all uncollected rewards will be sent out automatically, for example, 7-Day Goal Circulation Event and Growth Plan
2. After the Blessing Gold Card event ends, you can continue to log in daily to automatically collect the remaining rewards

[Version Adjustment Content]
1. Adjusted loot from Arena
2. Adjusted rewards of partial quests
3. Removed Black Card
4. Removed Weekend Login Bonus
5. Adjusted mining upgrade accelerating request
6. Adjusted some content within the Mysterious Store
7. Removed Extraordinary Ranking Challenge Rewards

In the upcoming new version operation event, we will bring you a very rich benefit and content. We will gradually introduce some major new game modes, and we hope everyone will participate and enjoy. We wish a warm blessing for all brave adventurers in the winter to come.

Best regards,
Dark Genesis Team

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