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Cross-server War Temporary Adjustment Announcement

Cross-server War Temporary Adjustment Announcement

Dear adventurer,
Due to the gameplay numerical value adjustment in the next update,
the Cross-server War event this week will have a temporary adjustment in opening and ending time.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you, and we will give the rewards for the first place to all players as compensation.

The following is the content of the adjustment:
1. [Troy], [Extraordinary Rank], [Guild War], [Cross-Sever Ladder] will end on:2021/12/30 06:00(GMT+3);
2. The candidates of next round [Heroes Peak Season] will based on the ranking of the [Troy] this round.

[Warm Reminder]: Time adjustment is only for this time, and the temporarily closed gameplay will open on 2022/1/3

Best regards,
Dark Genesis Team

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