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The beginning of the way – S1: Orion

The beginning of the way – S1: Orion

We are happy to inform you that the game is open!
🌟 The legendary MMORPG is waiting for its heroes on first server – S1: Orion! 🌙

◆ Three gorgeous classes will become your guides to the exciting world. What style of fight is closer to you and who you will become is only your decision!
◆ Excellent 3D graphics! All textures and locations are made in HD-quality, and all this is available in the your browser. Enjoy the game!
◆ Detailed character customization is available – you can create an unique, incomparable look! Changing the type of weapons, armor and other equipment with the improvement.
◆ PvP mode! You can hone your skills in the arena with other players, showing your abilities and gaining recognition.
◆ Abundance of in-game events: from contests to entire modes!

🔱 Are you ready to become a legend? Then a fantastic world is waiting for you! 🌟

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