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[21.06] UPDATE: Bug Fixes and New Feature!

[21.06] UPDATE: Bug Fixes and New Feature!

Heroes of Rakshasa!

During today’s technical maintenance, our development team released a small update.


  • We adjusted the drop chance for items dropping from Treasure Hunting;
  • “Wild Forest” – for players with VIP3 or higher, the rewards have been doubled.

New Feature!

Upon reaching level 50, players will now get access to a new feature called Squad Presets.


This feature will allow players to create and save squad setups, which will allow you not only to have a different unit formation for each preset, but also different skills and artifact for your main character.

The functionality can be accessed from the Fellows menu.

The functionality offers various ways to create presets, which include even inactive fellows, as well as skills and artifacts that are not available to you yet.

However, you will not be able to use presets with inactive fellows, or unavailable abilities or artifacts, until all the pieces of preset will become available to your character.

Have fun and see you on the streets of Rakshasa!

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