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Brave warriors! The final battle is approaching!

Brave warriors! The final battle is approaching!

Attention, heroic adventurers!
Many of you have already answered the call of the League of Angels and joined the struggle against the Dragon King Balerian, who was resurrected by his henchmen. Thanks to you, Light triumphed over Darkness and the hellspawn were sent back to where they came from. But now a new danger threatens the world: furious gods, poisoned by darkness and ready to destroy everything they created. Once again, the chosen heroes must embark on a dangerous journey to find the legendary angels and fight side by side with them to topple the powerful gods that rage against the entire world. Exciting quests and dungeon expeditions await you on this journey. You’ll encounter bloodthirsty monsters and merciless World Bosses, make allies, and battle your sworn enemies in the pit.

Brave warriors!
The final battle is approaching. The sooner you start your journey, the better your chances of victory. Don’t let the gods destroy this beautiful world!

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