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Guide – Ecology Festival

Guide – Ecology Festival

Ecology Festival

Available by icon

Event «Card-shifter» of the Ecology Festival

To participate in the event, a Shifter Voucher item is required.

You can get it by fulfilling certain conditions, or buy it in the event itself.

Also, additional Vouchers and rewards can be obtained in Events for various activities.

Available by icon

During the draw, players will receive various gifts.

One random item is guaranteed to be received for each participation:

  • Angelic starstone – x4
  • Mysterious meteoric iron – x40
  • Angel Star stone – x8
  • The key to the storage – x5
  • 50,000 Diamonds – x5
  • The key to the storage – x15
  • 50,000 Diamonds – x10
  • Elixir of raising the Holy Spirit – x3
  • Mysterious meteoric iron – x20
  • Holy Spirit Enhancement Elixir – x6

To receive the reward that is necessary to create a Solar Panel, it must be presented on the field 3 times.

You will also receive Event Points for participation. The more points you get, the more additional rewards you can collect.


60 points:

  • Divine pen/feather – x10

140 points:

  • Blood tear of the spirit – x40

240 points:

  • Electric car – x1

360 points:

  • Electric car – x1

480 points:

  • Electric car – x1

600 очков:

  • Levetain – x1.

The electric car can be exchanged for excellent rewards in the Festival Store.

To create

You can create a Solar panel, which is a certificate for participation in the Competition on the occasion of the Festival.

To do this, you will need:

  • Wood – x1
  • Grass – x1
  • White cloud – x1

Attention: The unused Solar panel will disappear at the end of the event.

Competition of the Ecology Festival

Take part in the competition and win awards!

To participate, you need a Solar panel.

Press the Start button and move to a special location with the boss.

By defeating the boss, you can win one of the awards:

  • Blood essence – x2
  • Divine pen/feather – x2
  • Blood tear of the spirit – x2
  • Dragon Crystal – x1
  • Golden Glory – Costume – x1
  • Golden Glory – Divine Weapon – x1

Ecology Festival Store

Exchange various event items for gifts in the Store.

Attention: the number of exchanges is limited.

Can be exchanged:

  • Golden Glory Set – 3 Electric Cars
  • Golden Glory – Divine Weapon – 2 Electric Cars
  • Golden Glory – Suit – 2 Electric Cars
  • Crystal of the Lord x100 – 1 Electric car
  • Dragon Crystal – 1 Electric Car
  • Crystal of divine light 5 pcs. – 1 Electric car
  • Crystal of Dawn 5 pcs. – 1 Electric car
  • Tree – 1 Ecology Festival Voucher (any)
  • Grass – 1 Ecology Festival Voucher (any)
  • White Cloud – 1 Ecology Festival Voucher (any)
  • 50,000 Diamonds – 1 Tree
  • 50,000 Diamonds – 1 Herb
  • 50,000 Diamonds – 1 White Cloud
  • Fruit of growth – 10 Trees
  • Fruit of growth – 10 Herbs
  • Fruit of growth – 10 White clouds

Attention: After the end of the event, all event items will become unavailable.

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed upon receipt of additional information.

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