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Update – V6.76.0 Harmonia

Update – V6.76.0 Harmonia

V6.76.0 Harmonia
Update time: 2024-4-28

New Contents:

1. Godlike+ Hero: Harmonia;
2. Added Velektra to Godlike system;
3. Title: Illusion Master & Nether Pioneer;
4. Paragon Charm: Sunlit Glory;
5. Transmogrify:Halloween Haunt (Ascended);
6. Paragon+ Wings: White Night;
7. Paragon Mount: Steel Armor Rampage – Awakened;
8. Mother’s Day Celebration: May 10 ~ May 16.

Game Improvements:

1. Added Soul Scepter to Mystic Domain;
2. Extended the Max quality of Main Character to Godlike+;
3. Displayed the cost of next level for Soul Sigil in Godlike system;
4. Reset and adjusted first time direct purchase;
5. Improved rewards in all kinds of game shops;
6. Improved rewards in Super login, Angel Perks, Angel’s Wheel, Activity & weekly quest,Online gift, Nethers Illusion, Apex clash league, Guild Mobilization and Heavenly Treasures;
7. Fixed some known issues.

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