All news League of Angels 326.03.2024

Update – V6.75.0 Velektra

Update – V6.75.0 Velektra

Update time: 2024-3-27

New Content:

1. Godlike+ Hero: Velektra;
2. Added Skadina and Melpomene to Godlike system;
3. Title: Colorful Bunny & Bunte Hase;
4. Paragon Arma: Moonlight Starbow;
5. Paragon+ Companion: Moon Spirit Bunny;
6. Transmogrify:Theresa Morph;
7. Paragon+ Wings: Whisper of Dark Spirit – Ascended;
8. Paragon Mount: Steel Armor Rampage;
9. Easter Celebration: April 5 ~ April 11;
10. Chibi Insignias*6, monthly Insignia*1, celebration Insignia*1.

Game Improvements:

1. Added 3 new Arma slots for Arma Aid, added 3 new vice-General slots;
2. Extended the max level of Holy Mark to 30;
3. Improved the rewards in Mine Wars, Guild War, Nether Wars and Wish shop;
4. Adjusted the rules of Nether Wars: Minimum number of players from 6 to 5, number of team member from 12 to 10;
5. Lowered the standards of hero stars for converting starsoul in Godlike system;
6. Optimized the tips in chests: can view if you have unlocked the items in chests;
7. Unlocked the Spring Season of X-server Hero League and improved the rewards in it.

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