All news League of Angels 329.01.2024

Update – V6.73.0 Skadina

Update – V6.73.0 Skadina

Update time: 2024-1-30 or 1-31

New Features:

1. Paragon Equipment:
> Ragnarok Equipment can be crafted into Paragon Equipment with certain materials (obtained from Tycoon Elite Ranking), skills can be unlocked when crafting the equipment to certain stage;
> Paragon Equipment can be obtained from Tycoon Elite Ranking.

2. Tycoon Elite Ranking:
> Tycoon Elite Ranking will be unlocked at the 3rd of X-Server Tycoon, and it will be ranked based on timezone range;
> Added Points direct shop, players can purchase elite tycoon points directly;
> New item: Tycoon Elite Ranking Points, it can add points for elite Tycoon ranking, but it won’t be counted towards normal tycoon ranking.

New Content:

1. Godlike Hero: Skadina;
2. Added Titania and Ignivis to Godlike system;
3. Paragon+ Companion: Shadow Nine-Tails;
4. Paragon+ Wings: Future Guard – Ascended;
5. Paragon Mount: Twin-headed Drake;
6. New Title: Eternal Sweet&Immortal Love;
7. Transmogrify: Cretaceous T-rex.

Game Improvements:

1. Reduce the requirement of Hero augment in Godlike system;
2. 50 Dragon orbs can be chosen quickly in Dismantle;
3. Extended the max level of hero spirit and corresponding skills for Godlike Hero;
4. Adjusted rewards of Guild mobilization;
5. Extended the max level of hero promote for godlike hero and Main character;
6. Adjusted super login rewards;
7. Fixed the wrong empower status of Holy Huxley (those who deploy this hero will increase BR after the update).

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