All news League of Angels 327.02.2024

Update – 6.74.0 Melpomene

Update – 6.74.0 Melpomene

Update time: 2024-2-28

New Content:

1. Godlike Hero: Melpomene;
2. Added Lunaris and Holy Huxley to Godlike system;
3. Paragon Charm: Thunder Moon;
4. Paragon Wings: Whisper of Dark Spirit;
5. Paragon+ Mount: Twin-headed Drake – Awakened;
6. New Title: Green Scene & Wish of Clover;
7. Transmogrify: Bartoli – Morph (Ascended);
8. Godlike Soul Armor: Frost Snow;
9. Celebration Event:March 13~19.

Game Improvements:

1. Improved the skill of Holy Huxley: Added bind control effect to 2nd skill;
2. Balanced Main character: Main Character can only unleash one Arma skill once per turn;
3. Added simple battle choice for Hero Backstory event;
4. Added festival image to hot events and shop;
5. Adjusted super login rewards.;
6. Adv.Hero Spirit stones and Adv. Skill Stones can be combined;
7. Improved rewards of local Hero League and guild donate.

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