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The League’s priests bestow honorary titles on the most worthy fighters against evil. Thanks to them, novice heroes immediately see that in front of them is an experienced warrior and a winner, and the title gives its owner magical abilities that give strength for new battles and victories. You will learn about the title system in our guide.

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  • 09.07.2019

    League of Angels is waiting for their heroes!

    Welcome, friends! We are glad to present you the continuation of the legendary saga of confrontation between the noble Angels and the ruthless Black Dragons - the League of Angels 3. In League of Angels 3, you will find more...
  • 23.07.2019

    New servers for new battles!

    Warriors! The henchmans of the Dragon King have resurrected their merciless leader Balerian! Desperate, the Angels opened a portal to the past so that the great warriors could make a dangerous journey and collect twelve artifacts that will help stop...