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NEW SERVERS – “S11: Haor” and “S11: Rodwell”

NEW SERVERS – “S11: Haor” and “S11: Rodwell”

The henchmans of the Dragon King have resurrected their merciless leader Balerian! Desperate, the Angels opened a portal to the past so that the great warriors could make a dangerous journey and collect twelve artifacts that will help stop the bloodthirsty tyrant.

The League of Angels cannot stand in this fight without your support!

Veterans of the wars of the past are already fighting on the battlefield, but their strength is not unlimited, so we have opened new servers for newly arrived warriors – “S11: Haor” and “S11: Rodwell. Exciting adventures, new acquaintances and endless battles between the forces of Light and Darkness, as well as unique starting events await every brave man who responded to the call of the Angels.

Travel to the past to save the future of Elysium!

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