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Update 29.06.2023

Update 29.06.2023

Hello, my lord. The Maesters from Maester’s Tower have completed the update.

Have fun and prepare for the winter!

Here are the contents of this update:

  1. New Contents
  • Added New Commander “Zhea”. “Zhea”‘s Army Skill and Awakening Skill are going to be focused on “War of the Kingdoms” related effects, and will only be active during The War Phase of “War of the Kingdoms” Event.
  • Added New Protection Effect in “War of the Kingdoms”: Lord of Light’s Gift. It will be active in “War of the Kingdoms” of August 2023. Here are more details of its effect: During the War of the Kingdoms Event, while more points were obtained as a kingdom, every Royal Lords and Ladies from that Kingdom will receive attempts to draw in the Wheel Event for new Commander “Zhea” Medals, etc.
  • Added “Hand of the King” Alliance Notices. During certain Phase change or situation in Cross-Kingdom Events, when members enter or leaving the Alliance, notice will send notice in the Alliance Chat. – Awakening System will be available for Commander “Uma” after the end of the maintenance. – Adjusted Mechanism of the Talent Reset of Support Dragon “Lightning”. The talent reset of “Lightning” will now only consume a specific “Talent Reset” item (different from the one for lord talents). In the compensation mail of the update, we will attach a reset item for every Royal Lords and Ladies to use.
  1. Improvements
  • More contents added into Pass Level Rewards for “Recruitment Pass” in Benefit menu, including Token of Commander “Leila Morment”,”Jamie Lannister”, “Sinara” and Medal of Commander “Patelo”.
  1. Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the display issue that doesn’t show all the text for attributes of Castle Exteriors.
  • Fixed the issue that red dots on some screen doesn’t disappear properly.

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