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Update 27.09.2021

Update 27.09.2021

Hello, my Lord!
The Maesters from Maester’s Tower have completed the update.

Here are the contents of this update:

1. Functional

  • Added New Commander “Night King”, the commander will be unlocked and available for the awakening on 2021.09.27
  • Commander “Tyrion Lannister” will be available for awakening on 2021.09.27

 2. Improvements

  • Enhanced experience of Refinement system and added exchange feature for Wash Stones.
  • Improved experience of Transporting resources.
  • 5 Ancient Scriptures are added in the VIP Shop for Royal Lords above VIP lvl 13.
  • Improved some other game experience in GUI.

 3. Glorious Battle Improvement 

    • Due to adjustment of rules, the “Rules” button will be removed till 2021.10.08
    • Added Peace Period During Battle Phase
    • Overall Battle loss reduced
    • Added a few adjustments to limit possible action that could be done against own faction.
    • Great reduction of Armament Supplies required from Fortress.

Get ready for winter and enjoy the battle!

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