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Update 18.03

Update 18.03

Your Grace!

The Maesters have finished working on the update.

Please accept the payment in the attachment.

What’s new?

  1. Functionality
  • The “Return to Westeros” event will reappear in the game, earn points by inviting your friends back to Westeros and exchange them for valuable rewards!
  • The new “Badge of Honor” feature is already in the game! After purchasing new items, you can receive special privileges for such features as: 2nd turn for research, special appearance, discount coupons, additional bonuses for increasing trophies, etc.More information can be found in the games, in a special tab, in the VIP window.

    2. Changes 
  • Improved the display of the previous Alliance Battle champion.
  • The rewards in the “Union Mobilization” event have also been improved.
  1. Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug that periodically occurred when opening the chat window.
  • Fixed an issue where trees were not removed from the map after the Union was deployed.

Get ready for winter and enjoy the battle!

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