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Update 12.01.2023

Update 12.01.2023

Hello, my Lord!
The Maesters from Maester’s Tower have completed the update.

Here are the contents of this update:

 1. New Content

  • Added new “Mentor-Apprentice” System. Qualified New or experienced Royal Lords and Ladies could be Mentors and Apprenticed. Complete quests by cooperation and obtain various rewards.

 2. Alliance Related Improvements

  • Added New Alliance Building feature: Alliance Leader and Officials can build alliance’s Special Buildings by clicking on empty spaces on the map. The available buildings include: Alliance Resource Warehouse, Alliance War Camp, Alliance Defense Tower and Alliance Banner. All Alliance Buildings will be constructed instantly, all buildings except Alliance Banner will only stay on the map for limited time. Alliance Buildings will enter their construction cooldown once they are built, and they will be available again once the cooldown timer ends. All Alliance Buildings are only available for Alliance Members in the same kingdom as the Alliance belongs to.
  •  Alliance Resource Warehouse: Royal Lords can transfer resources into the warehouse once paying certain amount of Transport Tax. No transport Tax will be required when retrieving resource from the warehouse. While having over certain amount of resource in storage, the alliance will not be able to switch to another Kingdom until the resource amount has reduced to eligible amount.
  • Alliance Defense Tower: Once Built, Truce will be applied to all Alliance Members located in the same Kingdom Alliance belongs to. For Royal Lords and Ladies in Fervor Status or cannot use truce items due to other reasons (in forbidden area, have troops outside, etc.), Alliance Defense Tower will not be able to put Truce on them.
  • Alliance War Camp: For Royal Lords and Ladies has “Honor Token” Active, you could send your troops into
  • Alliance War Camp. Other Alliance Members will be able to use your troops to start rallies against targets
  • like: Rebel Camps, Dragon Camps, Brave Companions Camp, and the new Alliance Boss. – Alliance Boss Redesigned: Alliance Leader and Officials can summon Alliance Boss Once every 7 days. After Summoning, the Alliance members can defeat the Alliance Bosses by Rallying and get various rewards!
  • For more Details, please check the in-game descriptions.

3. Improvements

  • Royal Lords’ and Ladies’ spent endurance will be returned when failed to defeat Rebel Groups.
  • Improved some other game experience and GUI.

 4. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the incorrect Handicap Points when making prediction in Alliance Conquest Event.
  • Fixed the incorrect spawn of Winterfell resource in Siege of Winterfell Event.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.

Get ready for winter and enjoy the battle!

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