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Update 04.02.2021

Update 04.02.2021

Hello, my Lord!
The Maesters from Maester’s Tower have completed the update.

Here are the contents of this update:

1. Functionality

  • Added bonuses for active skills as a commander. These bonuses will be available in the album and castle skins.

2. Changes in the Siege of Winterfell

  • Improved the display of event rules.
  • Troops can now be deployed in advance.
  • Added 5 new commanders to the event.
  • The hot key and armory lock will now be released from the start of the match.
  • The head of the union and officials can now place union labels on the map.
  • Battle reports on the siege of Winterfell can now be saved.
  • Collecting Winterfell resources will now give you 1000 points less.
  • The Siege of Winterfell will now be displayed in the event calendar in the Privileges menu.

3. Fixed bugs

  • Fixed the issue of incorrect activation of Simon’s passive skill in the training lists.
  • Fixed an issue where some of Sapphire’s skills were not displayed in the battle report.
  • Making equipment will now correctly add points during the Lord of Lords event.
  • Healing during battle of the unions will now correctly be taken into account in the active quests.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying bonuses in the Sept.
  • Fixed continuous display of red indicators in the “Weirwood Memory” event.

Get ready for winter and enjoy the battle!

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