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Events from August 14 – «Elite Trials», «Raising an army», «Battlefield», «Weapon Depot 2» and «Archery Contest»

Events from August 14 – «Elite Trials», «Raising an army», «Battlefield», «Weapon Depot 2» and «Archery Contest»


«Elite Trials» is one of the most interesting and anticipated events in the seven kingdoms, in which you can take part from August 14 to 21.

If your alliance has at least 25 active members, if your kingdom is protected for at least 51 days, then feel free to enter the competition, defeat all the bosses, earn Trial Points and get the highest ranking rewards:

  • Accelerators
  • Gold Dragons
  • Diamonds
  • VIP Points
  • Friendship Chest
  • Motivation
  • and much more

During the test, you can get Trial Tokens, which are exchanged for rare items in Elite trialshop:

  • Commanding Officers ‘ Medals
  • Medals of the appearance of the troops
  • Resources in a huge amount
  • Race Boots
  • Advanced Skill Raffle Token
  • and more

More information about the event can be found in the guide.

From August 14 to 17, you will see the event «Raising an army».

Create a strong army and get a reward for this! 

We remind you that you need to train troops in Barracks.

For completing tasks, events can be obtained:

  • Speed Up (Training)
  • Speed Up
  • Stone

Read more about the event in the guide.

From August 14 to 16, send your commanders to fight the rebels in the «Battlefield» event.

Attack Rebel Leaders and Rebel Groups and get nice rewards for it:

  • Diamond
  • Various Speed Up
  • Grain
  • Friendship Chest

You will find the rebels on the World Map.

Read more about the event in the guide.

From August 14 to 17, the «Weapon Depot» event is available for you.

Complete special tasks and get points and rewards for it!

For each task you will receive 1 point. Accumulate 10 points to get additional rewards!

Attention: Do not move during the event, otherwise it will disappear.

For completing the task, you can get:

  • End of the Road Photo
  • Weapon Reforge Ore
  • Weirwood Battle Axe – Weapon Pack
  • Weapon Chest
  • and much more

You can read more about the event and awards in the guide.

From  August 14 to 17 become the best shooter of the seven kingdoms in the event «Archery Contest».

Knock down the rewards from the tree with Fine Iron Arrow, which can be obtained in the event itself.

Participation is win-win – for each shot you are guaranteed to receive one of the awards:

  • Elite Commander Selection Pack
  • Weapon Reforge Ore
  • Spirit Bear – Weapon Chest
  • Weapon Locking Ore
  • and much more

The most accurate shooter will become the owner of Main Weapon Random, by opening which you can get one of the items: [Ancient] Oathkeeper, [Ancient] Dance of Water or [Ancient] Spirit Bear.

You can read more about the event in the guide.

Attention! Some events can start in different kingdoms on different days.

Enjoy the game!

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