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Events from April 14 – «Arena of Honor», «Ruins Treasure Hunt» and «Limited Sales»

Events from April 14 – «Arena of Honor», «Ruins Treasure Hunt» and «Limited Sales»


From April 14 take part in the «Arena of Honor» event.

The main houses of Westeros participate in a series of bloody battles and power games, fighting for the Iron Throne – a symbol of power and glory. You can also join them, fighting for the house you represent to win the highest glory.

Participate individually or as a team, join factions, build Castles, get into the rankings, conquer the territories of other clans and capture the City of Glory to reach the pinnacle of success!

Glorious rewards await you:

  • Source of Honor
  • Mark of the True Dragon
  • Speed Up
  • Various skins
  • Diamonds
  • and much more

You can read more about the event and the awards in the guide.

From April 14 to 16, you will have a chance to get the most powerful weapon of the Seven Kingdoms in the «Ruins Treasure Hunt».

Open chests of various quality and get rewards! The higher the quality, the greater the chance to get a rare reward.

Upgrade the chests if you are not satisfied with their quality. 3 free upgrade attempts are given per day.

For a certain number of open chests, you can get additional rewards, including items for exchange in the event store.

Possible rewards:

  • Ancient weapons
  • Fragments of ancient weapons
  • Legendary Commander Selection Pack
  • Diamonds
  • Legendary General Token and much more

From April 14 to 16, a special event «Limited Sales» is available for you.

Buy unique and valuable products with huge discounts!

Only two days are available for you:

  • Images of troops and castles
  • Commanding Officers ‘ Medals
  • Resources
  • Speed Up
  • Various chests
  • and much more

Detailed information about the event can be found in the guide.

Attention! Some events can start in different kingdoms on different days.

Have a nice game!

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