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Guide – Treasure Seeker

Guide – Treasure Seeker

Treasure Seeker

Available by icon 

Duration – 3 days.

The event is available to players with castle level 17 and above.

Each time a player searches for a treasure or plunders another player, one attempt will be spent.

5 free search attempts and 2 free robbery attempts are given daily.

You can get additional attempts for Diamonds:

  • 1 search attempt – 500 Diamonds
  • 1 attempted robbery – 1 000 Diamonds

Attention:unused search/loot attempts are reset every day. Purchased attempts are not reset.

Any player can spend an attempt to start searching/looting. Group Search/Loot participants receive a reward after completing the timer.

The squad must consist of players from the same server. Search/loot is only available to full squads.

To start the search, click the Search button.

Create a squad or join an already created one.

Attention: After joining the squad, you need to pick up the troops for the battle and click Finish.

In battle, only the group leader bonuses (commander bonuses and combat bonuses) are valid.

Only the leader of the group can start searching/looting.

  • Each player of the squad spends 1 attempt on the search. The treasure is given to all participants.
  • Each player of the squad spends 1 attempt to loot. In the case of a successful robbery, the search time is reset. The treasure is given to all participants.

Accounting for losses:

  • 2% of troops die instantly
  • 8% of the troops become wounded.

Event losses are counted on the shared map.

If the treasure is stolen by another squad, the defenders receive a base reward.


Level 1 Treasure – 40 chance%:

  • Gold Dragons 600 000
  • Main Material Selection Chest Gold
  • Spirit of Weirwood Tree
  • Gold Dragons 200 000
  • Race Boots 50%
  • Badge Chest Blue

Level 2 Treasure – chance 27%:

  • ::Scared::
  • Main Material Selection Chest Gold
  • Gold Dragons 600 000
  • Fiery Body red dye (3 day)
  • Fiery Body green dye (3 day)
  • 3 hrs Speed Up (Research)

Level 3 Treasure – chance 18%:

  • ::Happy::
  • Main Material Selection Chest Gold
  • Gold Dragons 2 000 000
  • Fiery Body blue dye (3 day)
  • Fiery Bones blue due (3 day)
  • 8 hrs Speed Up (Research)

Level 4 Treasure – 10 chance%:

  • ::Crying::
  • Main Material Selection Chest Gold
  • Gold Dragons 6 000 000
  • Shadow’s Back red dye (3 day)
  • Shadow’s Back green dye (3 day)
  • 15 hrs Speed Up (Research)

Level 5 Treasure – chance 5%:

  • Shadow Essence
  • Gold Dragons 6 000 000
  • Diamonds 2 000
  • Shadow’s Back blue dye (7 day)
  • Shadow’s Chest blue dye (7 day)
  • Dancing Flowers coupon (7 day)

Attention: rewards can vary from event to event.

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be supplemented or changed upon receipt of additional information.

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