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Where is Artifact?

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    I have the quest “Chapter 24” Upgrade any Artifact 1 times.
    I cannot find the Artifact they are talking about. Where to find it please?
    I have leveled up my relics, it’s not that, I have leveled up heros and their equipment, it’s not that. I have upgraded heroes, not that either.
    What is this Artifact?

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    ★ James ★

    There is “Relic” feature meant by “Artifact” word in the quest description. We’re sorry for this misunderstanding and game language sometimes will get updated.

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    Chara Akurei

    I’m having the same problem, and I’ve also upgraded my relics, so it isn’t registering that it is the “Relic” feature. I’ve clicked the “Go To” button to do the quest, it just sends me to my bag.

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      Chara Akurei

      Nevermind, someone online in the game helped. Its the curios, for anyone who gets stuck and confused like I did.

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    Its Curios

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