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where are the responses from developers

Forums Kings of War Technical issues where are the responses from developers

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    we keep reporting things…you keep saying you have told developers…NOTHING HAS BEEN FIXED!!!!! what have they said? when are they planning to fix these issues? why keep opening up new broken servers without fixing old server issues? you know the servers with the long time coining player! the servers that keep coining paying for this broken game!!! no responses come from you or the developers on any of the problems we have in game… WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO RESPOND OR FIX THE PROBLEMS?????? a very very unhappy player king of THB s2 WOLF1E

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    I love the game and totally agree. I spent over 3k on the game and will gladly spend 10k more if issues fixed. the game is worth fixing and I put in money thinking in time that more will be fixed.
    alchemy is my big issue that was made to help with power to deal with the higher world levels strength. now at level 93 and rising quickly its a necessity to help have fun.
    one other issue is the time change and it causeing no cross sever and odd time for the races. this is another way of helping with the growing strength of levels and fun of game.
    I do understand we are a pain in butt to hear but we are paying for a product that’s not giving us what the game promises. will be grateful if these issues will be fixed for Christmas, ty david nelson

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    well said WOLF1E i understand the frustration i sit and read the responses saying put forward to the developers yet we never hear what they have said about the issue and if it is ever going to be fixed , and reading what scam has posted seems was/is the same on same game with different name, just ignore us paying players with our problems and hope we quit without them fixing anything hoping new players will come along so they can take money from them too.it is about time the developersstarted fixing game and not just taking money for nothing. s2 player MoonSong

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    how long do we have to wait for an official response about these issues??? another 6 month???

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    another 3 days and not even a response to the post?????

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    yep they look like once every week at top, no surprise there.
    I can understand it as the developpers are doing nothing, so how can support defend that attitude.

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    server 9 here – very active server – however we are unable to do cross server or grand battlefield – can not do achievements as they are asking for participation in grand battlefield -PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM

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    how do you kill your income? exactly, by ignoring any request of your customers. 7 weeks we are now waiting to get the cross server and grand battle fixed………

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    well i started this post in november its now january … still no response ..nothing fixed ..no christmas event no new year event just nothing …..so with that am done this game is good but the developers and support suck!!!!!! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CASH… they will not fix or respond…i am joining many others who have quit playing this broken game!!

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    Strange enough at the russian servers everething is working, artifact, championship grand battle, . I started 4 days ago there at server 8 blue. also a lot of players so a good fight in stead of booring fights agains guards and militta.

    The could just copy the server software to this one and use the english language file. But even that to much work for oasis.

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    Just wondering as to when the issues of this game are gonna be fixed cause im sure you all know of them and its sucks that a lot of us had to start over u take and take money and yet nothing about the game gets fixed events glitched out i mean really come on now…. the response to this are pathetic and a joke fix it or just shut it down i feel sorry for those that pay and have to deal with a broken game like this

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    for those who want to play the game on a server where we dont have all the bugs mentioned go play at the russian servers, only problem is all is in russian language, but for those who know the game that is not an issue.
    We play at server s8 in blue.
    the address is https://espritgames.ru/kingsofwar/
    Me and KOKKEN will help you if needed, highest lvl at this moment there is lvl 86, so you will not be too far behind.

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    That’s what happens when developers don’t care about their product, and that’s really sad, to be honest.

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    You’re right. Especially when there are so many developers on the internet that could, in theory, fix all the problems. I think that they could even work with another company in order to come up with something decent because many businesses have options inhouse development vs outsourcing, and I believe that it’s not hard at all to fix such problems.

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    Just wondering, today how many people have everything working properly?

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    I enjoy the game and completely agree. I spent over $3000 on the game and will gladly spend another $10,000 if the bugs are fixed. The game is worth fixing, and I put money into it with the expectation that more will be fixed in the future.

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