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V5.41.0 New Floors in Realm, Weekly Quest extension

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    Dear warriors,
    We will release V.5.41.0 on June 2nd, the servers will disconnect at around 4:35 (EST), 1:35 (PST), 16:35 (HKT), 10:35 (EU) for the update, please refresh the page to complete the update. The update might be ahead or behind the proposed schedule, please take the in-game scroll announcement as a standard. Check below for more details.


    New Content
    1. Artifact Companion: Ethereal Dragon Turtle
    2. Shaedra Skin
    3. Added new Title: Nether Lord and Black Dragon Dominator
    4. Artifact Wings: Infinite Beings Ascension


    Game Improvements
    1. Realm extension
    > Added floor 26~30
    > All floors will 100% drop certain materials directly
    2. Castle Raiders improvements
    > Added Difficulty V
    > Added Holy Feather to the 4th Stage Chest
    3. Weekly Quest extension
    > Improved the max level to 7
    > Added lv.6 and lv.7 rewards
    > Added Companion and Charm materials
    > Replaced legendary Hero random box with Legendary+ Hero Random Chest in Weekly Chest
    4. Added quests related to Nether Illusion to Ancient Tasks


    ​Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game

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