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[Update] – V2.10 Part 4 – Mount Race

Forums Dragon Lord News [Update] – V2.10 Part 4 – Mount Race

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    New features added in today’s update.

    ✭ Unlocked Dragon Mirage Realm.

    Daily event that is available from clan level 3. Kill monsters, participate in random activities at levels and go through them faster than others to get rewards.

    ✭ Last update feature was added – Mount Equitation

    Mount Speed and Mount Mood are the main features of this new Mount gameplay. Both are shared by all the player’s Mounts.

    Mount Feeding Material will upgrade the Mount’s Equitation Level, change the Mount’s Mood and improve Mount Stats. Upgrading Equitation to the required level can also activate a new Mount Skill.

    Use food to interact with your Mounts and change their mood. There are free chances to interact with your Mount every day.

    ✭ Unlocked Mount Race.

    Will replace Multi-Arena from Friday to Sunday.

    Race on a certain route, in a 1 vs 1 format.

    Available from level 69.

    1. Selection

    2. Start

    3. After a certain number of laps, the reward is obtained. There are awards for the first victory and for the series.

    ✭ Now Cross-server Boss won’t receive less DMG when its HP is low.

    ✭ Fixed the bug that makes Bag Sort button in Treasure Hunting invalid.

    ✭ Fixed the display bug in Love War and Everlasting Battle.

    ✭ Now players can use Dragon Covenant when digging in the Free Highland.

     ✭ Optimized Treasure Draw:

    •  Now players can skip the animation.
    •  Added “Quick Treasure Hunt”.

    ✭ Optimized Farm:

    • Added “Quick Grow”. Now players can spend ambers to grow crops at once.
    • Added “Harvest All”, “Quick Weed”, “Quick Fumigate”, “One-click Steal Crops” and “One-click Revive”.

    ✭ Optimized Equipment Enhancement: Lower level Equipment will be enhanced first when using Auto Enhance function.

    ✭ Now Vice Leader can kick players out.

    Thank you for your support!


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