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[Update] – V2.10 Part 3 – Mount Equitation

Forums Dragon Lord News [Update] – V2.10 Part 3 – Mount Equitation

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    New features added in today’s update.

    Requirement: Lv. 69
    1. Added Mount Speed. It’s different from Movement Speed. Added Mount Mood. It affects Mount Speed. Mood and Speed are shared between all Mounts.
    3. Mount Feeding Material can upgrade Mount Equitation Level, change Mount Mood and improve Mount Stats. Upgrade Equitation to the required level to activate and upgrade corresponding Mount Skill.

    4. Spend Barbecue to interact with your Mounts to change their mood. There are free chances to interact with your mounts everyday. Class EXP and Class Equipment
    Required Items: Feeding Material and Barbecue


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