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Update 7.07.2022

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    White Dragon

    Your Grace!

    The Maesters have finished working on the update.

    What’s new?

     1. Improvements

    • Added new features in City Affairs: Dragon Exploration, VIP Shop, Expedition Beyond, Dragon Skill Raffle.
    • The “Exterior Shop” Button is now unlocked for all Royal Lords and Ladies directly.
    • Adjusted the composition of Recruitment Pass and adjusted content of corresponding shop.
    • Improved some other experience and GUI.

     2. Siege of Winterfell related improvements

    • Added display of dragon name in Troop Creation screen.
    • Adjusted the composition and content of Battle Report of Siege of Winterfell.
    • Improved some pictures in the Rule description.

    3. Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the issue that some icons didn’t display correctly in the scout report.
    • Fixed the issue that in specific condition, scout report could show commander with incorrect quality.
    • Fixed issue that some commander’s awakening skill description text is not showing correctly.
    • Fixed some other minor bugs

    Get ready for winter and enjoy the battle!

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