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Update 28.12.2023

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    Hello, my Lord!
    The Maesters from Maester’s Tower have completed the update.

    Have fun and prepare for the winter!
    Here are the contents of this update:

    1. Improvements
    • Improved display and Battle Experience of “Weirwood Tree”.
    • Added a 1-hour cooldown timer between Transnational Relocations uses. Kingdoms with ongoing “War of the Kingdoms” event will not be affected.
    • Improved Experience of Spectating in “Ultimate Conquest”. Added some extra Ranking boards. Members who are not on the participant list can also spectate the match. Added extra system announcement display. For more information, please check the in-game rules.
    • Improved Experience of “Battle of the Narrow Sea”. Temporary Truce Protocol will be put up when entering the battlefield, corresponding Truce Protocol timer will be removed when leaving the battlefield. This will not affect the remained duration of the existing Truce Protocol. Royal Lords’ and Ladies’ castles will stay in the same location as they enter and exit the battlefield.
    • More information has been added to the mini-map of the World Map Screen.
    1. Arena of Honor Related Improvements
    • To improve the experience of Participating Royal Lords and Ladies, registering will now consume extra diamonds, which will be returned after participating and completing the match. The registration Phase of the match has now been adjusted to 30 minutes before the start of each match.
    • The difficulty of obtaining Faction Point Rewards has been reduced.
    • Match Time description will be displayed when inviting others to join the team.
    • Improved display of Point Rankings, Building Descriptions, and other screens. Extra tips have been added, feel free to check the “!” signs.
    • Added highlight effect for the keywords in announcements
    • Added display of Leader in Reinforcement list.

    Get ready for winter and enjoy the battle!

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