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Update 23.05.2024

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    White Dragon

    Hello, my Lord!

    The Maesters from Maester’s Tower have completed the update.

    Have fun and prepare for the winter!

    Here are the contents of this update:

    1. New Content

    Awakening of Commander Feis will be available after completion of the update.

    – Added a New Ancient Commander Weapon for Commander Mengo

    2. Improvements

    – (2024.5.27)Integrated and Reworked the Normal, Elite, and Daily Challenge to “Daily Challenge” in the “Event” menu. Royal Lords and Ladies can obtain points in various ways. Great rewards can be obtained daily by reaching certain points and achieving a certain rank at the end of the day.

    – Added multi-purchase feature when purchasing challenge attempts in Ultimate Tournament.

    – Improved matching algorithm in “Arena of Honor”, teams with smaller Combat power gap between team members will be with more advantage.

    – Added display of Elimination Points in Leaderboard and Glory Tier screen. Added more information displayed when team members register for the match.

    – Participating “Wildling Siege” Event no longer restricts how many days passed since members entered the alliance. After adjustment, when the trial is started, the attempt counter of members who are eligible to participate in the event will be consumed. Added requirement to start a trial of specific difficulties about how many members are eligible to participate in the event.

    – Participating “Alliance Boss” Event no longer restricts how many days passed since members entered the alliance. After adjustment, the reward of every tier will be sent depending on each Royal Lords and Ladies’ situation. The reward of each tier can only be obtained once each week. The reset time for the Reward Obtain Counter is 00:00 GMT every Monday. 

    – Filters about the dragon skill category have been added when selecting the skills consumed to upgrade  other skills.

    1. “Glorious Battle” Related Improvements

    – Adjusted total number of participants in each Battlefield. This shall alleviate the issue of the battlefield being too crowded.

    – “Trouble Brewing” phase has been adjusted from day 3 to day 2. The duration of “Treacherous Battlefield” has been shortened to 1 day. “Glorious Lords” has been extended to 2 days.

    – Added Logistic bonuses for A and B League Matches.

    – Added notification pop-ups when trying to attack or defend with a Logistic Military Position.

    – Improved ranking tiers required to get Individual Elimination Ranking Reward, more participants can achieve the rewards from the event now.

    – Increased number of Shops.

    – Increased efficiency of obtaining contribution.

    GoT Winter is Coming Team

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