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Update 20.06.2024

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    Hello, my Lord.

    The Maesters from Maester’s Tower have completed the update.

    Have fun and prepare for the winter! Here are the contents of this update:

    1. “Arena of Honor” Related Improvements

    • Improved matching mechanism of the event.
    • To make the event experience lighter, we are increasing the maximum count for Glory Entry Ticket from 2 to 3. After the adjustment, Royal Lords and Ladies at some of the Glory Tiers will have the points reduced after not participating in “Arena of Honor” 3 times instead of 2 times in a row.
    • Adjusted point range for some of the Glory Tiers.
    • Buffs from the altars now divide into 3 instead of 5 tiers.
    • Improved description of Buffs and Buildings. Added description about double right-clicking on the map can send notifications to other members.
    • Battle reports in chat from non-player Troops can now be checked for details.
    • Reduced rewarded points of the City of Glory from all other Clans from 20% to 10%.
    • Added an online display for other members of the same team in the preparation menu.

    2. New Content

    • Added a New Ancient Commander Weapon for Commander Uma.
    • Added “Supply Shop” Feature in the Benefit menu. Royal Lords and Ladies can obtain Supply Points from daily operations. If Royal Lords and Ladies don’t return to Westeros for a long time, when they return, they will be able to consume Supply Points to retrieve some of the missing daily drops.
    • For Royal Lords and Ladies with Level 25 Castle, we have added the “Quick Adjustment” feature at the Bottom-Left Corner of World View or City View. With “Quick Adjustment”, Royal Lords and Ladies can adjust multiple preset contents altogether, including Dragons, Equipment, Badges, Talents, and Refinement.

    3. Improvements

    • Improved Ranking reward for Siege of Winterfell Play-off, since it’s using a Single Elimination model,
      Alliances in the same tier in ranking will receive the same reward. The reward shall be better than before the
    • Added 30-day Dyes in the Merchant of Dragon Isle.
    • Added more Castle Exteriors to exchange in Exterior Shop.
    • Adjusted Exchange Ratio of Combat Manual in Festival Shop from the on-going event “Alliance Conquest Dance”. Increased total purchase attempt of the Combat Manual.
    • Added more obtainable Dragon Skills from Skill Raffle on Dragon Isle, this shall help Royal Lords and Ladies to complete the collection of Dragon Skill Codex.

    GoT Winter is Coming Team

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