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Update 16.12.2021

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    White Dragon

    Your Grace!

    The Maesters have finished working on the update.

    What’s new?

    1. Functional
    • The awakening for Barrett is activated on 16.12.2021.
    • The Awakening for Sandor Clegane is activated on 17.12.2021.

     2. Commander Awakening Skill Improvements

    • “Bloody battle” Jon Snow: For troops not in the first row, the critical damage duration has been increased from 15 to 25 seconds.
    • Julien’s Widow Lover: The maximum amount of attack damage received has been increased from 12% to 15%.
    • “Fearless Advancement” Synars: The chance to deal additional damage has been increased from 50% to 60%.
    • Kevin’s “Ghostly Barrier”: The chance of triggering the barrier has been increased from 10% to 12%.

     3. Glorious Battle Improvement 

      • The battle phase now lasts 14 days, the corresponding adjustments have been made to the event.
      • Added individual rewards for destruction points (applicable only to the troops of royal Lords and ladies).
      • The difficulty of the quest “Glorious Struggle” has been reduced, the rewards remain the same.
      • Adjusted endurance calculations. Now stamina directly affects the bonus of troops in battles, for more information, please read the rules in the game.
      • The resources returned at the end of the battle phase increased from 10% to 20%. Detailed information about the consumption of weapons stocks will be displayed in the fortress.
      • Increased the receipt of battle horns in faction cities and military cities.
      • The consumption of points for mastering a military position in the field of supply has been reduced.

     4. Fixed bugs

    • Fixed a bug that caused some Weirwood stages to not appear in Arya Stark’s blitz stages list.

    Get ready for winter and enjoy the battle!

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