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Update 02.03.2024

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    Hello, my Lord.

    The Maesters from Maester’s Tower have completed the update.

    Have fun and prepare for the winter!

    Here are the contents of this update:

    1. New Content

    – Added “Jaime Lannister” in Greensight.

    – Added Commander Weapons for Bowmen Specialized Commanders. Corresponding items will be dropped in the “Fiery Crystal Mine” Event in the future.

    1. Improvements

    – Improved overall experience with the “Angler’s Feast” Event.

    – When the Battle Report is being shared, the names of Lords and Ladies will be displayed by Alphabet sequence of the first letter.

    – Dragon’s Advance will be added to the Combat Ability Assessment after the completion of the update.

    – The Festival Tokens of Anniversary can be sold for 1000 Gold Dragons directly from the inventory.

    – Improved display of badge quality. Badges that were attached to Equipment will show their color of quality directly.

    – Improved overall layout of “Arena of Honor” and rearranged display descriptions. The display of hint text has been improved to ensure the texts were fully displayed.

    GoT Winter is Coming Team

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