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Tyr just tele out of the srceen

Forums Dark Genesis Help & Support Tyr just tele out of the srceen

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    Server 13
    Ign: Hanmutil
    Last 3 days my Tyr just be tele out of the screen if i put him on the right side position.
    He was like far away from the main battle screen and other have to take a lot of time to run near to him again.
    Can you guy check it

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    ★ James ★

    Hi, please try to click button “Self-Service Repair” in the login screen.

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    It doesn’t help at all. That bug is still there

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    same bug, heroes running off the screen or being pushed out. Does not hurt the battle or at least I do not think it does at this time

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    ★ James ★

    Thanks for the feedback provided, we’ll check what’s happening for you.

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