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Trial Season Rewards Reset

Forums Dragon Lord Technical issues Trial Season Rewards Reset

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    What happened: At the start of the Season in Trial shop I purchased for 2000 Ambers the Advanced Rewards but on Nov 08 the Trial Season Advanced Rewards were rest to 0 and do not change from 0 to having any completed. So I cannot collect my rewards for the rest of season.

    What supposed to happen: I get to collect my rewards til the end of the Trial Season.

    But once again, I pay for Advanced Rewards and due to game rest/error I will not receive my rewards. How and when will this be resolved. I am loosing to many of my paid for rewards ??

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    don’t feel bad you are not alone in this.. and now we have to refresh after every fight because the game locks up..

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    Have the same problem with trial, as do season trial doesn’t show to collect the rewards, I have to click for it somewhere in the empty tab.( same for handbook, it doesn’t show combination, all empty)
    Besides, indeed since today a refresh after every fight, demon trial, wild hunt etc. Game get stuck every time.

    It’s only getting worse instead of better

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    Yep same for me not even trying the combat if its not blitz its busted. plus other putting on updates about maintenance, doesn’t look like anyone resolving the issues

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    the only thing they have fixed is load page is centered. everything else is getting worse.

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