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    Greetings, warriors!

    We are glad to announce, that today on the first server (S1:Ancient road) were started three very profitable topup events! These events are also started on the second server, however they are included in the start new server events.

    1 – «Daily Topup»
    Event duration – since July 4.2018 till July 10.2018
    Daily Topup is an event where you will get extra reward for purchasing diamonds.

    ► If you want to take a part in event you just need to topup diamonds during the day for certain amounts (100, 1000 and 2000 diamonds)
    ► You could get extra rewards every day during the event.

    2 – «Single Topup»
    Event duration – since July 4.2018 till July 10.2018
    Another event where you will get extra rewards for top up.

    ► The first purchasing of diamonds in a single transaction (amount specified in the event window) will allow you to receive in addition to consumables a huge amount of additional diamonds for free!
    ► You can get an extra diamonds in each package only once during the event.
    ► Buying the same package twice or more, you will get another complect of rewards.

    3 – «Topup Benefits»
    Event duration – since July 4.2018 till July 10.2018
    Another profitable event, but different from others you can get additional rewards for spending diamonds.

    ► To take a part in event you just need to spend diamonds on any your needs. When the amount of spended diamonds have reached the amounts specified in the event window, you can pick up the reward.
    ► On the left side you could see a rewards which you get only once during an event.
    ► On the right side listed rewards which you could get once a day.

    Have a good time!

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    There have not been any events at all for quite a few days now.. Is this going to change or are “Cash” Events going to be minimal and rather random goin forward.. just curious because without even the daily top up reward there is very little incentive to top up..

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    Hi, those events have a random time to start. Unfortunately, at the moment, we can’t say when they’ll start next time

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