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    Blue Jade

    Ok, so I have
    1. hundreds of cards sitting in the warehouse because the card system is broken
    2. hundreds of holy crystals and thousands of souls of sin and virtue because the soul system on wings is broken
    3. new wings and mounts that do not show up in their respective sections so I have cards waiting to evolve them, and cannot wear/ride them
    4. masses of star dust because the star dust system is broken
    5. hundreds of meteorite crystals because the hero skill system is broken
    6. tons of icy dew, everlasting fire, thunder seeds, squall cores, poisonous orbs because the equipment upgrade system is broken
    7. sacred mark shards because endless journey is broken
    8. can’t auto-hit bosses because element boss icon is gone so SVIP is semi-useless and costing money every month
    9. cloths and divine weapons icon missing so can only access using dimension star sand and divine jade which a lot of players might not have (especially the latter)
    10. new icons like cornucopia that just don’t work

    If the devs still need some pointers, there you go!

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    I need to say nicely devined from Blue.
    Ty for put in your time in this Blue.

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    try the preview icon near your black diamonds on the left, there you can use the mythcloth and divine weapons temple. if you are lucky you can use some of the other stuff you said too and idk but i have the feeling that they wont fix shit here xD. i mean its broken since 2 months or more and everything i see is something like ” we are working on it ” ^^. have a good day. btw sry for my bad english :P.

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    These problems are now a priority for developers. They are in the process of solving them.

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    These problems are now a priority for developers. They are in the process of solving them.

    no offence how many times are you all going to say that to us? you all have lost a lot of top players because of the problems in the game. I am having the same problem that Blue Jade has mentioned in her post. I have been playing this game a few years now and its getting real old with all the problems and I don’t want to leave since I have a lot of money invested in my character.

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    As soon as we have more accurate information, we will report it. Once again we apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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      Asturoth Dax

      Not good enough. The developers need to respond to us directly.

      Does anyone have a social media account we can call them out on?

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      The developers do not communicate directly with the players. Communication is carried out only through us.

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