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The Game is Broken

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    Cross-server connection timed-out, Guild war has stopped, Genesis war has frozen, can’t participate in anything cross server. Please get it fixed and give decent compensation – 500 diamonds and a few summons won’t be enough. I’m sure the cashing players appreciate the quality of the game they support.

    ps log the game and look – don’t just reply with the standard “screenshot please” 🙂

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    This is still the case almost 2 days later.
    Can’t do anything cross-server.
    What is going on here? Does this game have technicians, or just a cash transfer system in an empty office? Can’t even have the devs post something about this? In 24 hours?!?

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    And now, we can’t get the 7-Day Bounty rewards either because they ask for Extraordinary Ranking and Voyage Raids, both of which we can’t do!

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    Hello, thank you for reporting the bugs. Please, provide your character ID and server so that we can investigate it.

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    lol zezo – the servers you are on are all good ?

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      lol zezo – the servers you are on are all good ?

      Yup, haven’t noticed anything wrong while playing.

      This was fixed on my server…

      Good to hear it’s fixed!

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    This was fixed on my server during the two days this message was ignored. The servers get fixed, and hey, look at that, a reply…
    I have screenshots of it being messed up, would you like them to compensate all the players on the server? I would be happy to oblige.
    You know what? Here, let me get them to you anyway!

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      Yeah the issue is for Area of troy and Peak season has been resorted. But it still there there is issue for Guild War, other servers have guild war but for server 30 it didnt start yet.

      It would be better if you sort out this issue……….

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