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Take part in the Jack’o’Lantern contest

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    Dear Friends!
    Soon, the most atmospheric autumn holiday, 🎃Halloween, will be celebrated around the world! On this day, it is customary to dress up in monsters, spirits, ghosts and simply evil characters of folklore. No Halloween can do without terrible and treacherous witches and wizards.Today we invite everyone to take part in the Jack’o’Lantern contest. With it, you can not only prepare for the holiday, but also get great prizes!
    Competition task:
    ► Cut a Halloween-themed image in any vegetable or fruit, for example: a scary or funny face.
    ► A few sentences to describe what magical abilities the lantern has and why you chose this particular image.
    ► Post photos of your competitive work and some photos of the process of its creation on the forum in this topic.
    Conditions of the competition:
    • At least one of the photographs must have the physical logo of Esprit Games, i.e. logo drawn at work, on a separate sheet of paper, be part of the work, etc. .. It is not allowed to add the logo to the photo using a graphical editor.
    • The number of entries for the competition is not limited, but only one entry from one participant can take a prize.
    • Material for creating work – fruit or vegetables.
    • The message must include: nickname and server of your character.
    • The work must be created specifically for this competition.
    • Work must not violate moral and ethical standards, as well as forum rules and license agreement.
    • Winners are determined by the administration of the game in accordance with the following criteria: originality, quality of performance, complexity of performance, the level of detail of the work, the quality of the photo.
    Dates of the competition:
    from 10/21/2019 to 11/03/2019 inclusive.
    Dragon Lord  is a multi-language game. This competition will be held among all versions of our game. There will be 3 winners in the competition, as well as incentive prizes:

    🎃 1st place
    Sleipnir Mount Card – 1
    Crimson Spinel – 500
    Mount Soul – 6
    Essence – 1000
    Lv. 7 Soul Spinel Chest – 1

    🎃 2nd place
    Crimson Spinel
    – 400
    Mount Soul – 5
    Essence – 800
    Lv. 6 Soul Spinel Chest – 1

    🎃 3rd place
    Crimson Spinel
    – 300
    Mount Soul – 4
    Essence – 600
    Lv. 6 Soul Spinel Chest – 1

    🎃 Incentive prize:
    Crimson Spinel
      – 100
    Essence – 300
    Lv. 5 Soul Spinel Chest – 1


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