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    whats going on with support??
    after recharging wasnt able to colect recharge rewards in amount of 9000 gold and support dont send coreosponding rewards, this is not first time it happens.
    they dont even bother to answer or help, they just close ticket like nothing hapened, if game is broken then fix it before u take money and dont give rewards back. this either needs to be changed or gona make full refund on 5000$. this has gone to far.
    and then they call you rude if u lose your temper trying to explain to them.

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    Hi, could you please clarify, is the problem still actual? Also, add please ticket ID which you’ve sent to support.

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    hi there , this problem is on daily basis , yes its still actual , and i have got tired writing tickets every time , so i have decided to make full refund from day 1.
    this is already in process and cant be reverted. thanks for reaching back to me tho.

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