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Summons event

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    WHen I started there is an event called “200+ Pre-Draw Content” that is located under the Vahalla Summons. Every time I complete a series of dungeons it unlocks and lets me claim a bunch of free items.
    Something is bugged with the generals. If you look at the below pic, it shows I won Artemis and Siegfried. I won many of their shards but also won one each of the general cards. But, I do not have those generals in my inventory and I barely have any shards.
    For Artemis I should have 160 shards and 1 complete general, but I only have 60 shards total and no complete general.
    For Siegfried I should have 60 shards and 2 complete generals, but I only have 20 shards total and no complete generals.
    It seems as tho overall the majority of shards and generals from this event do make it into my inventory. The pic below, you can easily see 2 Siegfied and 1 Artemis (complete generals, not shards),yet none in my inventory. Can you help on this?


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    In this event, you do not receive all open rewards. You can only pick up one set of rewards, which you choose from the open ones.

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    Thanks you.

    How do I pick the one set that I want or is it just a random selection? There is one that I want over all the rest.

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    What is your game nickname and server?

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    We don’t see this event. And in your screenshot, only the cards are visible, and not the entire event window(
    If you accepted at least one set, then you could no longer collect other sets.

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