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Servers Merge at July 5th

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    ★ James ★

    Tomorrow, July 5th, from 02:00 to 04:00 (UTC-5) Dark Genesis will be maintained for servers merge. Please logout the game in advance and don’t login following servers until maintenance is over.

    We will merge following servers within maintenance:

    ➡ S1: Hela + S2: Hephaestus + S3: Helen
    ➡ S4: Anubis + S5: Freya + S6: Loki
    ➡ S7: Cezara + S8: Pandora + S9: Fenrir

    Characters below level 25 who didn’t top-up at least once and offline for 15 days or more will be deleted as inactive ones. Each player will get 200 diamonds by in-game mail as a compensation after maintenance is over.

    If you’ve got characters in the several servers from merging group, then you’ll able use it all after merge as before.

    Best wishes,
    Dark Genesis Team

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    thanks James. Long awaited merger at last

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    if you have multi account it should be deleted and get back diamonds on server what you pick to use in the game.. i got s1-s3 account and all i spent after merge i will pick to use s3 and it should delete my s1 2 account and all i spent in s1 2 it will be carry over on s3.. like all games i played it should be like that

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    wtf… sign of a shit game… its only been open a couple of months and merge

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      its ok to merge at this point cause every server from 1-9 has few players playing.. so this merge will be a challenge for all and make the game more fun

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    ok james this is broken why s10-15 are also merge in guild war? its supposed to be 1-9 right? its unfair

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    ★ James ★

    ok james this is broken why s10-15 are also merge in guild war? its supposed to be 1-9 right? its unfair

    Hi and sorry for late reply. S10-15 aren’t merged currently.

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