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    Hello, friends!

    After every server merge you can participate in the special event and get a real bunch of prizes. Join the challenge and use your reward for boosting-up your character and fellows!

    Here are the detailed info on that event.

    Tap Server Merger Event icon to open event window.

    1. Cumulative recharge

    You get a special prizes every time you reach the goal in purchasing ingots.


    200 ingots purchased: 100k of Silver, Lv. 3 Gem bag x5, Facecloth x50, 50 Stamina.

    400 ingots purchased: Senior Summoning Amulet x2, 150k of Silver, Book of Family Names x50, 100 Stamina x2.

    700 ingots purchased: Cao Yaojing [Modern], Senior Summoning Amulet x3, 100k of Silver, Lv. 3 Gem bag x6, Maiden Rose x50.

    1500 ingots purchased: R.1 Orange Fatestone Case, Senior Summoning Amulet x5, 200k of Silver, Elixir of Resurrection x10.

    3000 ingots purchased: R.1 Fatestone Pattern Lucky x7, Lv. 4 Gem bag x5, Hardened Glaze x1000, 100 Stamina x3.

    7000 ingots purchased: Xiahou Dun, 500 Souldrops x3, Hero Upgrade Pack [Junior] x2,  500k of Silver.

    15000 ingots purchased: Nathan Shawn Integrator, R.1 Fatestone Pattern Lucky x10, Lv. 4 Gem bag x6, Bonismo Gisnet x1000.

    30000 ingots purchase: R.2 Orange Fatestone Case x3, Godly Summoning Amulet x10, Hero Upgrade Pack, 1000k of Silver.

    50000 ingots purchased: R.2 Fatestone Pattern Lucky x3, R.2 Orange Fatestone Case x4, Godly Summoning Amulet x15, Refining Token x150.

    60000 ingots purchased: Halecamp Integrator Fragment x80, R.2 Orange Fatestone Case x5, Godly Summoning Amulet x20, Baptism Token x200.

    80000 ingots purchased: R.3 Fatestone Pattern Lucky x15, Lv. 6 Gem bag x7, Baptism Evolution Token x20, 2000k of Silver.

    100000 ingots purchased: R.2 Orange Fatestone Case x7, Godly Summoning Amulet x25, Baptism Evolution Token x100, Lv. 8 Gem bag x3.

    2. Total Spending

    You get rewarded every time you reach the goal in spending ingots!


    489 ingots spent: Senior Summoning Amulet x2, Refining Token x15, Lv. 2 Gem bag x5, 100 Stamina.

    899 ingots spent: Senior Summoning Amulet x3, Baptism Token x15, Lv. 3 Gem bag x5, 100 Stamina x2.

    4899 ingots spent: Cao Yaofeng Fragment x30, Refining Token x50, Baptism Token x50, Lv. 4 Gem bag x5.

    8999 ingots spent: Halecamp Fragment x30, Refining Token x100, Baptism Protection Token x10, Lv. 5 Gem bag x5.

    48999 ingots spent: Cao Yaojing [Magic Gear] Fragment x80, Tianfu [specter] Fragment x80, Baptism Evolution Token x7, Lv. 6 Gem bag x5.

    88999 ingots spent: Cao Yaojing [Magic Gear] Fragment x120, Tianfu [specter] Fragment x120, Godly Summoning Amulet x10, Lv. 6 Gem bag x15.

    188999 ingots spent: Immortal Li Dihong Fragment x150, Xiang Tianshan Fragment x 150, Refining Token x500, Lv. 6 Gem bag x27.

    3. Total Recharge Days

    Keep purchasing 2000 ingots every day and get special reward! Lasts for 3 days.

    Reward for every day: Hero Upgrade Pack, Sangluo Wine x100, Lv. 3 Gem bag x5, Senior Summoning Amulet x9.

    Have a good game!

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