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remove merrit rewards on olympia

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    It would be good to remove the merrit rewards players get for leaving deamons in Olympia, or cut the merrit rewards to like 25%.

    Becouse of this current system players tend to profit from the input of hard working players. They just do not drop any deamons to help the kingdom, but save them up to drop in Olympia. So players who assist in every war trying to get kingdom poinst by dropping deamons to block and kill a target (or defend) are getting punished for there help. They have no fair chance in the merrit ranks to be in top 5 and win stones for getter armor. But egoistic players get all the top position in ranks as they have saved up there deamons..

    It also result in chat wars becouse the good players get frustrated and it take away a team spirit.

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    This is quite an interesting idea, I think.
    Or maybe another case. Let’s see if there is some option to add rewards to players who directly help.

    Thank you!

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    i think coding that is almost impossible. Another option could be to autoclean olympia or even all deamons in the center cities every 12 or 24 hours, as otherwise people still will drop in Jackdun etc to get merrits for dropped deamons. Or let 50% return home from center every 12 or 24 hours. So they dont just loose them after a big fight. That way also weaker kingdoms still have a small chance to get the impedentia rewards when its olympia.

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    Okay, I see. Then we will talk with developers.

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    whats up scam you explioted this now you want it removed so you can stay on top geez

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    funny how the tide turns to try stay ahead

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    not at all. i never agreed with the system. i even asked to change it a year ago in ancient war.
    Just as long as its like rrhis also I am forced to get as much as possible. Rhe big difference between you and me is that i also use deamons to win state wars, where you dont drop any and save about all just to drop in olympia…
    You just seekings ways to make things personal.

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      малютка скам , тупа топ

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    Thanks for the info! Not very bad

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    One of the main issues with the Olympic Games is the large amount of money that is spent on the event. You can find out more info in order to try and reduce costs, the IOC has been looking at ways to remove merit rewards from the Olympics.

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    Thanks for this post Google

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