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    It’s just an idea and no clue how others will think about this.
    At the moment a clan has a Leader, Vice Leader and just elite members.

    I was just wondering… wouldn’t it be more helpfull that a Leader can also appoint a certain amount of recruiters in his/her clan? ( like 2-4 recruiters)

    I was just thinking about that, it’s a big miss somehow in this game. Now only Leader or Vice leader can allow people in clan. Myself… I am vice leader of a clan. Point is me and the leader aren’t always online on the same time. But if one of us is online we also have our afk moments too. So I noticed in my afk moments I just missed out some people wich applied to join.

    As I was saying, wouldn’t this be much more helpfull to add to the game?

    Qalena S27

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    Hello Qalena!

    Thank you for your suggestion. We appreciate your initiative so your idea will be forwarded to the developers of the game so that they could study it. It is possible that they would add this fuction with upcoming updates.

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    Thank you Maeve =)

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