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    There was an official bug in the game yesterday. It is not possible to contact gtarcarde support with the espritgame account. What will espritgame be doing? because I was also affected


    **Issue Number:** 21
    **Date Created:** 7/1/2024
    **Created By:** <@908190397321343046>

    **Title |** Players who entered Arena of Honor matches whilst located on the enemy server are having truce and KVK cloning issues after exiting the event.
    **Issue |** Players who participated in Arena of Honor and joined whilst on the enemy server have had any active truces replaced with the sole system bubble, effectively removing ones that should last for a longer length. These accounts now also have a copy of their castle on both the home and enemy kingdom, only one of which can be truced – however both can be attacked and affect the player. Due to this copy, players also cannot change between kingdoms.

    No solution at this time. It has been passed on urgently and you can file compensation tickets here https://support.gtarcade.com/search?gid=346 (or contact GOTVIP) if you lost resources, compensation for truces (e.g 7 day ones) and any rewards you are unable to obtain this KVK due to unpreventable losses / being unable to change kingdoms.

    If you have any new insight – such as different trigger to the one listed above, please let us know in <#492268607762464768>. If there is nothing new to comment on, please refrain on sending duplicate reports.

    **Status:** NOT FIXED

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    You can submit a compensation request with screenshots here if you have lost resources, truce compensation (such as 7-day rewards) and any rewards that you cannot receive in this KVK due to unavoidable losses/inability to change servers.

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