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    There are at least two (actually more!) basic ways to get a fresh pack of supplies every day (every 10 minutes, every month and more!) without doing anything special in the game. The only condition is to stay online for some period.

    1. Online reward

    Just login i the game and stay online up to 2 hours to get several packs of rewards. Click «Online reward» to see rewarding window:

    Here you can see how long you’ve been in the game and get a corresponding rewards.

    Time spent and reward

    10 mins — Pancake x5;
    20 mins — 50k of Silver;
    30 mins — Junior Summoning Amulet;
    60 mins — Lv. 1 Gem Bag;
    120 mins — B-ingots x30.

    The counter updates every single day you log in the game!

    2. 7-Day Pack

    Newbies can get additional rewards every day for first 7 days of the gameplay. It’s simple! You just login and collect another sack of luxury gifts! Click «7-Day Pack» to open the feature.

    Day 1: Junior Summoning Amulet x3, Lv.1 Gem Bag, 50 Stamina, 50k of Silver;

    Day 2: new fellow — Yu Jin, Pancake x10, 50 Stamina, 5k of Gold;

    Day 3: R.1 Purple Fatestone Case, Elixir of Resurrection x5, 50 Stamina, 50k of Silver;

    Day 4: R.5 Green Gem, 100 Souldrops, 50 Stamina, 50 of Silver;

    Day 5: Senior Summoning Amulet x2, Glue Pudding x10, 100 Stamina, 100k of Silver;

    Day 6: R.1 Orange Fatestone Case, Lv. 2 Gem Bag, 100 Stamina, 100k of Silver;

    Day 7: new fellow — Shangguan Guozhong, Baptism Token x5, 100 Stamina, 10k of Gold.

    That’s how you can earn more resources in the game! Don’t forget another great feature — Hall of Wealth, we already discussed. Follow the link to know more about it.

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    Thank you very much but I don’t know what game this is, can someone tell me please? i usually play online games but i have never encountered this game.

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    Unfortunately, this game has been closed for a long time.

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    Hi Guys,
    I’m grateful for your response, but I’m not familiar with this game. Could someone kindly provide more information about it? I’m more accustomed to playing online games and haven’t come across this one before.

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    Unfortunately, the game has long been closed on our gaming platform.

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