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October 19 – Maintenance! Update!

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    Dear players!

    On October 19 at 03:30 (server time), all servers will be shut down due to maintenance!

    The approximate duration is 4 hours.

    Please consider this information when planning your gaming activity!

    Update Content:

    1. All system [Ancient Artifact].

    Each Ancient Artifact has 4 different components. Activate and upgrade components to gain tons of attributes.

    When all components reach specified levels, a powerful Artifact Skill can be activated.

    [Individual Boss] (≥ Lv.550) Newly added drops: Primordial Dust – Ice. Can be used to upgrade Artifact Component 1.

    [Bonus Boss] (≥ Lv.550) Newly added drops: Primordial Dust – Flame. Can be used to upgrade Artifact Component 2.

    [Sky God’s Hunt] (≥ Lv.550) Newly added drops: Primordial Dust – Stone. Can be used to upgrade Artifact Component 3.

    [Spectral Realm] (≥ Lv.550) Newly added drops: Primordial Dust – Wood. Can be used to upgrade Artifact Component 4.

    2. Game mode [Boss Lobby – Xeno Space].

    Xeno Space has a total of 3 instances: Xeno Frontier, Soulbind Fortress, and Extremis Castle.

    The first two instances are single-player instances, while the last instance is a contest instance.

    There are 3 free Xeno Frontier challenge attempts daily, and extra attempts can be purchased.

    Xeno Frontier drops [Soulbind Energy]. Spend 6 [Soulbind Energy] to challenge Soulbind Fortress 1 time.

    Soulbind Fortress drops [Extremis Chunk]. Collect 10 pieces of [Extremis Chunk] to activate Extremis Castle Portal.

    Extremis Castle Portal closes every Sunday at 11:59 PM, after which it can be opened again by collecting pieces of [Extremis Chunk].

    Extremis Castle Boss refreshes 2 times daily. Defeat the boss to get rewards.

    3. New system [Seal – Cipher].

    Ciphers are divided into: 1 Core Cipher, 3 Main Ciphers and 9 Secondary Ciphers.

    The 3 Main Ciphers use different materials for upgrades and the 9 Secondary Ciphers use the same material for upgrades.

    More attributes will be gradually unlocked as the levels of Main Ciphers and Secondary Ciphers increase.

    The Core Cipher can be upgraded when all Main and Secondary Ciphers reach specified levels.

    Cipher-related materials are available in [Xeno Space].

    4. New Permit season is about to begin.

    5. Fixed some item text display errors.

    6. Fixed some interface display errors.

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