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No more Bots should be the agreement

Forums Dark Genesis Game Discussions No more Bots should be the agreement

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    How about stop allowing bots in Genesis war just because the users are whales?
    This game is so moneycentric we all put our bit in, and some just a lot more, but, if you wanna dump £30k and bot cheat too, we will soon all fxck it off as pointless.

    And no it is not that “I am real fast” I am the fastest clicker you will meet, a tested speed of 12 clicks per second. And, I and others checked and if I garrison, it is physically impossible for anyone to kill before I click exit.
    Not only that, if by miracle someone sat hovering at the button and did smash it the very instant they could, not every saturday does a person sit for EVERY second, I have done so a few times, logged in and sat for 3-4 and even 5 hrs waiting, hit up a spot had teammates hit them and i hit another and bingo we are simultaneously out, be it 1,2 or 3 players.
    Today, 2 garrisoned and literally i pressed garrison and we were both dead.
    That is a bot end of.

    So if you need to win that bad, well you wallet won it. And soon will be king of shxt nothing.
    But either players agree to something or the devs do, or the end comes and you won a look at money in game format and not much else.
    I’ll lose all day long, but not to cheating, we already are penalised by facing the best server in the game, and we are not even the 30th best server, so unparalleled ease for those guys and us getting whaled on literally every week, add cheating and I am stopping spending, you don’t pay to get mugged, you just get mugged and move on. So right now I am waiting, if the cheating keeps happening, then remove any aspect of the game of it, yeah you will win, vs yourselves, game done.

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    Actually click speed is less important than cursor’s moving speed. I’m not a bot n not using bot neither but I can hit and seize castles in Genesis war decently. I can’t explain more detail because its confidential.

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    Thank you for reaching out, I’ll have the devs look into a possible case of botting.

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    thug tomas

    The port authority as well as the operator may include provisions for termination of the concession agreement once it becomes clear that the project will fail.

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